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Makie Makie


Quarantine be hittin different.

Not the most spacious fort, and the upstairs tenants are loud. but its a nice spot to get a great light to read, and usually its nice and quite, and if the people upstairs get to loud you just have to shake the roof a bit.

Not the best quality photo due to some weird converging thing it did. but i chose to change this into a “mask” as it makes you look silly just like the normal masks, but even though its silly its still necessary to wear one, and the tongue out is accurate due to the fact that wearing a mask is like commercialized water boarding since you cant breathe.

I decided to make a Koi pond as when i was deciding what to paint on my longboard my mother said how she always wanted one. and i chose to make a fake one for her, so she could enjoy it… kinda.

All about perspective

This was a really fun project and the last one i did of the prompts, i hate talking to people and writing so those are out… but i really enjoyed “painting/drawing” on the glass, its a great canvas for most wet mediums, besides the dripage.


I will not apologize for the pun.

we were in a rush for time, he had to go to his fathers, but my little brother wanted to be my collaborator so i let him, not a masterpiece but he worked on it with me so its worth more than anything I’ve made myself.

Pandemic Aesthetic

I feel like all i do is work and sleep, but Im always tired with no sense for what day it is anymore. Im running on fumes. oh and this god forsaken commercialized water boarding known as a mask, its killing me, I miss being able to breathe.

Frame by Frame

welp. here ya go. i definitely want to explore this further as it was fun being able to just smudge away what moved.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko is my assigned artist, I loathe most abstract art but here we go. His paintings which he called Color Field Paintings are several large colored rectangles not uniformly chapped or colored, the edges of the box are sloppy but that adds life. The colors used are to convey emotion in the piece; the lack of symbols is fine due to the colors speaking directly to the spectator. He started this style in the 1950’s and continued painting in it until his death in 1970. I like his sense of humor though, he was contracted for The Seagram’s Murals, and he put them uncharacteristically  vertical “to make the dinners more uncomfortable as they ate their over-priced meals”. 

Chrome Yellow

If this color is your favorite im sorry, but your a psycho

Chrome yellow is either lead chromate PbCrO4 or solid solutions of lead chromate and lead sulfate PbCrO4 · PbSO4.

Chemist Louis Vauquelin discovered the new element chromium in 1979 lead chromate was synthesized i n the labratory and used as a pigment begining the second decade of the nineteenth century

The piper J-3 aircraft had Chrome yellow as its standard overall color (god knows why!?) called “cub yellow” or “lock haven yellow” in aviation circles