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Field Guide

Being quarantined is great fun! said fucking no one. whelp we are making the best of it, Im still getting used to my new “setup” for art if you can call it that. but we got it done at least, this was a good excuse to get my mind off of everything else.


Town Crier

We Forgive you. Is the title of the piece. It’s about how most workers getting screamed at by Karen are only teenager’s who are defenseless to fight back for fear of loosing their jobs. It’s time to grow up and act your age. Stop screaming at workers for shit they can’t control. It’s childish.


public reenactment of the public announcement i heard at work which was us calling out guest numbers for them to collect their food.

List of Public announcements

  • Alarm hear 7:30am bed
  • Sneeze hear 7:31 bed
  • Time read 7:30 clock
  • Knocking hear 7:40am bathroom
  • Screaming hear 8am while leaving op
  • Car horn hear 8:10am on way to class
  • Walk read 8:13am sign
  • Stop read 8:15am sign
  • Open read 8:20 am sign
  • Omg heard 8:30am music
  • Ad read 8:50am phone
  • New message 8:50am phone
  • Food read noon Ade
  • Delicious smelt 12:10 Ade
  • Crosswalk saw 1pm road
  • Footsteps heard 2pm game
  • Ding heard 4pm hot pockets done
  • “Guest number 264” heard 7pm Work at McDonald’s
  • Clock out read 9pm work
  • Stop saw 9:10pm red light

Finished Flag

Our finished Flag came out of a proposal made during critique that the black on purple was hard to read. So we changed the black to white and it made a cool sun and moon composition inside if what we already had and we did go with blue in the opposite side as to include both campuses

Made with Morgan and Fiona

Flag proposal

With this flag it will be a pot to represent how everyone in the group likes ceramics and that it was a big influence into going to this college

The opposite side could also be blue to include Alfred State to have everyone feel included

Made with Morgan And Fiona

Group symbols

Designing group symbols was a fun way to test out my logo design and overall style of how I do my own work. It was fun being given a guide but finding different ways to interpret then and find an aesthetically pleasing logo.

This was a fun start to me experimenting with digital art and have been going strongly since.

Made with Morgan and Fiona

Symbol intervention

Me and Jonah decided to change the Lego brand logo to a classic catchphrase I’ve seen from my childhood Lego my eggo. I figured this would be harmless fast and simple to do and easy to leave up for others to find in the future.

I went back a three weeks after we put it there to check on it and it was still there. Im curious to see how long it will stay. Maybe it will still be there my senior year.

Symbol mapping

Me and Johnah went to map out the library’s symbols we first planned on mapping out the floor and finding our symbols one day and plotting them onto the map another. After some group difficulty’s it was finished.

this was taken at 6 pm the day before it was due. The map and 50 of the symbols was drawn by me waiting for Jonah to do his part.

Performance Process

The plan has changed after the dress rehearsal the teachers had some great feedback that we sunk our teeth into to think about. We decided to go with a silent piece to bring out the noir look of our zeen and to make it dimmer in the space. The balls that will be used in the final piece are constructed from wiffel balls that were paper mache’d and then painted with the cue ball being attached to a stick so that the now stage hand Danny can be as dramatic as they would like to and have complete control over the game.