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Group Manifesto Performances

This was a very interesting project from start to finish. Starting with having me figure out my own manifesto, something i honestly haven’t thought of before. and after figuring out my own, then learning how it fits in with my group mates creating a whole new Manifesto. Honestly, I have a job outside of college and there was a scheduling error brought on due to this, so as much as I enjoyed the process of recording and doing this project with the group. If I could do it again I would choose to in a heart beat and make sure I do not have work so I can throw my all into this project. It was fun to figure out how the manifestos of who we are could morph into a larger whole and still have each of us feel like it defined who we are.

And a special thanks to Tanith for stepping up with the ability to edit the video as i am very bad and have no clue what anything does when it comes to video editing.


Daily Practice 1

My daily practice is walking along the path that connects the top of Powell to Teft and Moskowitz, i walk this path a minimum of 4 times a day for lunch and dinner each day. I also use this path to go and hang out with my friends that live in Teft because Openhym is a drag and no one wants to hang out there.

I chose this photo for this week as its October and we are closing in on Halloween and I love how this looks like it was taken out of a scary movie, like its a walkway that everyone in the theater knows the main character is going to go down even though we know its a bad idea. Since my next post will be after Halloween i figured I should get this out of the way while its still on its way. this was taken Saturday night on my way over to midknight with a friend at 9:23pm.

This is like my art practice in that it was a spur of the moment photo that I decided to take as it was a spoopy photo for spoppy season.

My daily practice doesn’t affect the environment but maybe it impacts some lives as I make sure to smile and say hi to people I pass even if I don’t know them.

Pocket Collection

I met a very kind stranger after almost 40 minutes of asking and being ignored, i asked if could bother her for just a moment and proceeded to talk about the project and after she understood she started to rummage through her coat pockets looking for something. She pulled out this receipt from Wegmans for 4 Daiya pizzas explaining how they were the only pizza she could eat and she bought so many as they were on sale, and they never go on sale. after that we parted ways, and now i want to try a daiya pizza

Miniature Manifesto

My belief in the artist community is to draw what makes you happy, not to draw what will make you popular. To draw what brings me joy, and if other people like my art that’s just an added benefit. I believe in helping others in the same community when questions are asked. and when visiting a place for the first time I love to bring a mini sketchbook and document at least one thing from that place whether it be a flower or an entire landscape so when I look back at the drawing I can remember where I was.

Draw what brings you joy, and document where you’ve been.

writing this manifesto really made me think if what I have done as an artist and what I still have coming my way. I still have a whole three years at Alfred and i hope in that time to explore more mediums and hopefully get into more three dimensional work.

Foundations Test post

This is to test how this website works and how posting will work. But i will also introduce myself, Hello, My name is Tyler, I’m 18 and currently an art major. My preferred mediums are all two dimensional my favorite being charcoal and graphite. I am trying to branch out into more three dimensional work during this year.