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Quarantine be hittin different.

Not the most spacious fort, and the upstairs tenants are loud. but its a nice spot to get a great light to read, and usually its nice and quite, and if the people upstairs get to loud you just have to shake the roof a bit.

Not the best quality photo due to some weird converging thing it did. but i chose to change this into a “mask” as it makes you look silly just like the normal masks, but even though its silly its still necessary to wear one, and the tongue out is accurate due to the fact that wearing a mask is like commercialized water boarding since you cant breathe.

I decided to make a Koi pond as when i was deciding what to paint on my longboard my mother said how she always wanted one. and i chose to make a fake one for her, so she could enjoy it… kinda.


One Reply to “Quarantine be hittin different.”

  1. Tyler,

    What a fun Collage, I really appreciate the attention to detail and it was very thoughtful of you to make this thinking of your mom. The contrast in colors works very good as well as the symmetry of this composition.



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